Crones Food


One of the things most Crohn’s Disease sufferers hear from their doctors is to try to figure out what foods cause flare-ups, and stop eating those foods. Unfortunately this is not a lot of help, because for many Crohn’s sufferers, any food can start the cycle of pain and misery.

The main reason that certain foods seem to worsen Crohn’s Disease symptoms (or any other digestive problem) is because those foods are eaten with the wrong other foods. In other words, the foods are mis-combined. What does mis-combined mean?

Different types of foods trigger the release of different types of digestive enzymes, some acidic and others alkaline. Alone, each type of enzyme does a great job breaking down foods as nature intended. But when both types of digestive enzymes are released at the same time, trouble can develop.

What happens is the alkaline and acid enzymes neutralize each other and neither type of enzyme can do its job. Digestion is greatly impaired and your meal does not get broken down properly. With no working enzymes to break it down, all that undigested food sits in your stomach for hours and ferments, rots, and putrefies until it is forced into the small intestine. The result is gas, heartburn, cramps, bloating, diarrhea, flatulence, you name it, with poor nutritional absorption on top of everything else.

Mis-combined foods cause misery from one end of the digestive tract to the other. Mis-combined, poorly digested foods can get impacted or stuck in the colon, causing pain, constipation and flare-ups of diverticulitis and Crohn’s Disease.

Nothing the human body does requires more energy than digestion – not exercise, not sex, nothing.  So when your stomach is working frantically, releasing all that hydrochloric acid and pepsin to try to digest poorly combined meals, you are searching either for a place to take a nap, or for a cup of coffee. Bad digestion leaves you dragging yourself around like the walking dead.

The highly acidic nature of the typical modern diet just makes matters worse. All that excess acid in the food not only contributes to heartburn and acid reflux problems, but it creates an acidic environment in your entire body. Our bodies were designed to be alkaline, so a body that is acidic will also have a lowered immune system.  And a poorly functioning immune system can keep your body from being able to fight off bacterial bugs, viruses and disease. For people prone to digestive problems, the consequence of poorly combined foods at every meal is an assault on their digestive system and their health.

If you really want to improve your Crohn’s Disease or any other digestive problem, you have to eat in a way that allows your body to comfortably digest your food without excess acid.  If you do this you will find you can eat a huge variety of foods that you previously thought you could not tolerate.